We welcome new members to join Crayford Social Club. Benefits of full membership include week-round entry and use of club facilities and club prices at the bar; free or reduced entry to major events; sign in up to 3 guests for £1 each per visit; discounted hall hire; voting rights at the AGM; and affiliate membership of hundreds of CIU clubs around the UK.

2019 New Membership has now CLOSED


Partners of members enter free when attending together.

Under 18s enter free but remain the sole responsibility of parents.


Annual membership runs from January to December (regardless when in year you join)


Existing and New members should renew their membership after 1st January. If you have not renewed by 28th February you will need to re-apply as a new member.


  • New Members: Pay a one off fee of £35.00 for first year or part-year. Includes membership card, wallet and CIU affiliation card. applications for 2020  early in new year

  •  Renewing Members: £20.00 per year. Life Members: £3.50 per year.      From every Jan 1st.

  • Optional entry NEW key fob: £3.50. (new door system fitted Aug 2019, old fobs now obsolete)

  • Associates: Members of other CIU clubs are welcome to use our facilities on production of their membership card. They may need to pay extra to attend special events unless they are also a full member at Crayford.

  • All Fees are subject to change at the annual general meeting.

  • All new members MUST be Proposed by an existing member.

  • New members without a proposer must contact the club first via,

  • and are still welcome to apply for membership.  

Last updated 12 Dec.19

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